Course Handouts

Course handouts are applicable to the Financial and the Managerial Accounting courses.  To access each of the items, click on the Icon to the left of the subject.




Course Resources

Materials used in the Financial and Managerial accounting courses can be obtained from several different sources.  You may obtain your course materials from any of the listed sources.  The Course Resources webpage also provides you with a listing as to which materials are required or those that are optional.









This webpage provides the specific Course and College policies applicable to all enrolled students.  Each student is responsible for reading and adhering to the stated policies.









General Ledger Software

This webpage provides a detail description of the software that is used in support of the optional computer application problems for the Financial Accounting course.  Additionally, you have the option of downloading detailed operating procedures for the software, if the on-line instructions are not sufficient for you to complete the problems.





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