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This webpage contains the published College and Course policies that are applicable to all students.  All students are responsible for reading and adhering to these stated polices.


College Policies


   San Antonio College does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, sex, age or disability with respect to access, employment programs or services.

B.   Students are urged not to bring children to either a class or a lab. Minors under the age of twelve (12) must not be left unattended on campus. (College Academic Council - April, 1998)

C.   ADA Statement: “As per Section 504 of the Vocational Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, if accommodation is needed, contact the Office of Disability Support Services, CAC 124C, Phone: (210) 486-0020.

D.   A Rapid Response Team exists for the purpose of responding to emergencies. If you have a disability that will require assistance in the event of a building evacuation, notify Disability Support Services, Chance Academic Center 124C, Phone: (210) 486-0020.

E.   Academic Dishonesty: Students may be subject to disciplinary proceedings resulting in an academic penalty or disciplinary penalty for academic dishonesty. Academic Dishonesty includes, but is not limited to, cheating on a test, plagiarism and collusion. For additional information refer to the “Student Code of Conduct” in the San Antonio College Bulletin.

F.   Students are required to silence all electronic devices (e.g., pagers, cellular phones, etc.) when in classrooms, laboratories and the library. (College Academic Council, 01/2000)

G.   San Antonio College Attendance Policy: Regular and punctual attendance at all classes and laboratories, day and/or evening, is required. A student absent for any reason is responsible for all work missed.  Both tardiness and early departure from class are forms of absenteeism. The instructor establishes the policy with regard to each. Absences of each student are recorded without exception. The counting of absences begins on the first day of class.  A student absent the equivalent of two weeks of instruction in a 16-week semester may be dropped by the instructor.  If a student is dropped from a class for excessive absences, the instructor will record a grade of “W’ (Withdrawal).  It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that the withdrawals have been submitted.

H.   San Antonio College is a smoke free campus.




Course Policies


Academic Dishonesty
:  This section sets forth specific policies applicable to the Financial and Managerial Accounting courses.  These items expand further on the stated College Policies contained in the "Student Code of Conduct", which is in the San Antonio College Catalog.  It is the responsibility of students and instructors to maintain academic integrity at SAC by refusing to participate in or tolerate academic dishonesty.

       A.  Below are examples of possible violations. This listing is not exclusive of any other acts that may reasonably
             be said to violate the spirit of academic integrity. Commission of any of the following acts shall constitute
             academic dishonesty. 

             1.   Improperly Acquiring Information:

                          (a)    Acquiring answers for or information regarding any assigned work or examination from any unauthorized source (peers, electronic resources, electronically stored data, textbooks, lab books, lecture notes, former students, friends, etc.) in violation of the respective faculty member's guidelines. Possession of notes, stored data (on calculators, computer files, etc.) or cheat sheets against instructor's consent will be construed as an attempt to violate this provision.

                           (b)   Working with another person or persons on any assignment or examination unless expressly permitted to do so by the respective faculty member's guidelines.

                           (c)    Observing the work of other students during any examination.

                           (d)    Stealing examinations or assignments from faculty, computer files or other students.

                    2.  Improperly Providing Information:

                           (a)    Providing answers for any assigned work or examination in violation of the respective faculty member's guidelines.

                           (b)    Informing any person or persons of the contents of any examination prior to the time the examination is given in subsequent sections of the course or as a makeup.  

                           3.     Conspiracy:

                                     (a)   Agreeing with one or more persons to commit any act of academic dishonesty.

                                     (b)   Completing an assignment for another student.

                            (c)   Coercing others to commit any act of dishonesty or approaching others in an attempt to gain their participation in acts of dishonesty.

                            (d)   Possessing knowledge of violations and not informing a faculty member.

        B.  Be advised that students caught being dishonest, in their academic work, will receive a grade of "F" for the
              assignment or exam.  It is your responsibility to review the SAC statement on academic honesty.




Business Computer Lab Policies


The Business Department and San Antonio College encourages research and educational uses of computer and networked resources and support access to them.  We are committed to making our computer network and operating systems accessible to as many authorized and legitimate users as possible.  In addition, the Business Department and San Antonio College has the fiscal responsibility of securing its computer resources against unauthorized access and/or abuse.

  1.  Computer resources are restricted to academic research and instructional purposes only.  They are not used
        for leisure or recreational purposes.

  2.  Do not change computer settings.

  3.  No uses of any personal CD’s or DVD’s are allowed on the computers.

  4.  Cell phones and pagers must be turned off or set to silent/vibrate mode.

  5.  Pornography, chat rooms, computer games (internet games), instant messenger services (AOL, MSN, Yahoo,
        etc.) are not allowed on any computer in the lab.

  6.  Do not shut down or restart the computers.  If your computer locks up, please notify the staff member on duty.

  7.  Do not use more than one workstation at a time.

  8.  Do not save to the local drive (C:), please use a CD, DVD, or USB (Flash/Jump) Drive.

  9.  Printing is limited to 20 pages per day, per person.

10.  This lab is available only to students who are currently enrolled in a Business Department course and/or are
        declared  majors in one of the Business Department programs.




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