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This webpage provides general information concerning the exams to be conducted during the semester for both the Financial and Managerial Accounting courses.

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Financial Accounting  
(ACCT 2301)

Managerial Accounting
(ACCT 2302)


General Information on Exams


Chapter Exams

bulletThe four chapter exams will be conducted, as scheduled, in the course syllabus.

bulletAn exam review will be provided and discussed the class session prior to each actual exam date.

bullet Please advise in advance (when possible) if you will miss an exam, so that arrangements can be made for a make-up exam.  All make-up exams, not otherwise scheduled, will be given the last week before the course final exam date.



Final Exam

bulletThe Final Exam is comprehensive; will consist of both objective and problem-type questions; and will be given at the end of the semester. Everyone must take the final exam.

bullet A student, who must be absent from a final exam, should request permission to postpone the exam.  A student, who does not obtain permission to be absent from a regular scheduled final exam, will be given a grade of "F".   Postponed exams will result in an initial incomplete grade of "I".  The postponed final exam must be taken within 120 calendar days from the end of the semester, or the "I" grade automatically becomes an "F". (San Antonio College Bulletin, Faculty Handbook - January 1995).



Exam Grading

bulletYou will notice that I include an adjustment to the raw score received on each exam.  This adjustment is my exam curve and it is based on the total class performance.


The following scale will be used to grade each of the exams during the semester.

                 Final Score Range       Alpha Grade
                        90-100 ...........................   A
                        80 - 89 ...........................   B
                        70 - 79 ...........................   C
                        60 - 69 ...........................   D
                          0 - 59 ...........................   F




Exam Proctoring Services


The SLAC Lab (MLC Room 707) provides proctoring services for students needing to make up exams.  Unless other arrangements are made, all makeup exams will be sent to the SLAC Lab.  Students should allow enough time to complete the exam before the specified closing time.  The total time allowed to take a chapter exam is 1 hour - 45 minutes, and 2 hours - 30 minutes for a final exam.  So, plan accordingly when using the SLAC proctoring service.  The hours this service is available are as follows:

(Currently suspended)




      Note:  Additional information, about the SLAC, can be obtained by clicking on their website address shown below.


The Business Lab (OC Room 307) will also proctor make-up exams during the following hours.  If you prefer to take a make-up exam in the Business Lab, please advise accordingly.  Allow yourself enough time to complete the exam before the specified closing time.




Monday - Thursday   9:30 AM -  7:30 PM  
Friday   9:00 AM -  12:00 PM
Saturday   Closed
Sunday   Closed

     Students are encouraged to make appointments by calling 210-486-1416 or by e-mail to sac-business@alamo.edu






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