Course Resources


This webpage provides a listing of all the required materials for the two accounting courses as well as optional items.    A number of  support services are also available, including the textbook publisher, and these services are listed below.












Text and Support Materials

The textbooks and materials for the courses are: 




  Accounting e-Textbook  (See Note 1)



  Working Papers



  General Ledger Software  (See Note 2)



  SCANTRON Form 882 (Exam Answer Sheet)



  Standard Calculator



  CDs or Flash Drive



(Note 1)All Accounting classes are a part of the Instructional Materials (IM) Program.  When students enroll in this course, part of the course tuition will include a fee for the Connect Homework System.  Also included will be access to an e-textbook.  Therefore, a hard copy of the textbook is not required, but you can purchase one if desired.  

(Note 2)The General Ledger software is required only if you choose to complete the optional problems, or want to just try out the system, on your personal computer. You may submit your optional computer assigned homework by e-mail (see the submission procedures appearing on your Assignments webpage). 





Material Sources

Any of the course materials will be available at the SAC Bookstore, other  local bookstores in the area, on-line sources, and the publisher. 




Basic Course Materials


The textbook ( McGraw-Hill's Financial & Managerial Accounting, 9e), is the current text being used, for all accounting courses.  

The textbook publisher has made a special offer for students if they want to purchase the optional loose-leaf textbook from the publisher’s website (this option will be offered when registering in the Connect Homework System).  The loose-leaf textbook is offered at a reduced price. 




SAC Bookstore


Textbook Rental

The SAC Bookstore also offers a rental service for students enrolled in courses at the SAC campus.  

The following are the rules applicable for any SAC Bookstore textbook rentals.

Rental Requirements/Rules:  
   *  Must be 18 years old
   *  Must have a Visa or MasterCard credit/debit card
   *  Must have government issued ID (drivers license or passport)
   *  Must provide email address and phone number
   *  Students can highlight and make minor notations in books 
         (no water damage or torn pages)                                                                        























Generic Working Papers

I have developed a series of generic forms that can be printed and used to complete most of the assigned homework problems.   There are two identical groups of forms to chose from, but may not include all forms needed for a given problem.   Click on the format icon below to download the working papers of your choice.  The PDF format forms are in a Zip file and will require unzipping prior to printing.

Excel Format    

PDF Format   



On-Line Support Services

A variety of support services are available at the publisher's website.  You can access these services through the Canvas and Connect Systems.



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