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    a.  The major objective, for using the Accounting Software, is to provide students exposure to the "real world" environment as relates to the methods utilized in performing accounting tasks for businesses.  Since most businesses use computer applications today, it only seems appropriate that we should demonstrate how those tasks are accomplished by computer, as well as manually.

     b.  Secondly, it will give students an opportunity to learn computer applications (at least for accounting purposes) that can be applied now if you are currently employed, or can be carried with you as experience when entering the workforce in the future.

NoteThe General Ledger problems, that will be provided during the course, are optional and can be substituted for the assigned problems utilized  in the textbook publisher's homework system.



General Operating Instructions


    a.  We will continue to use the General Ledger software from the previous
textbook edition. 
Therefore, I have established a different set of similar problems for your computer assignmentsI will provide you a handout for each of those problems (these assigned problems are not in the current textbook).

     b.  As you work the assigned computer problems, using the General Ledger Software, the specific instructions for each problem will be found by clicking on the "Browser" toolbar button. These instructions differ from those found in any textbook, in most cases, since textbook procedures are developed for completing all problems manually.

     c.  The step-by-step instructions, provided by clicking the "Browser" button, should be adequate for completing most of the assignments. Once the instructions are on the screen, you may want to print them for quick reference. Otherwise, you may still click on the "Browser" toolbar button at any time to return to the problem instructions.

     d.  All homework problems, accomplished with the computer software, will be turned in on a CD, flash drive, or through an e-mail for grading.


General Ledger Software Orientation


     a.  Financial Accounting Classes. I will conduct a demonstration on the use of the General Ledger software, during the second week of the semester. The specific date and time will be announced at the beginning of the semester. 

     b.  If you have not downloaded the software from the website, please bring a CD or flash drive to class the second week to receive the program files (if you elect to accomplish the optional general ledger software assignments).  

     c.  This software must be run on your personal computer, since it is not presently available in any on-campus computer labs.  This software will function only on a Microsoft Windows based PC.




Supplemental General Ledger Operating Procedures


     a. The General Operating Procedures provided through the software "Browser" process does not provide the detailed instructions for entering the problem transactions, printing reports, and other functions. Therefore, I have developed a set of detailed instructions, with screen illustrations, to assist anyone that desires additional help in accomplishing the assigned problems.

     b. Copies of the procedures are posted here for downloading, viewing, or printing. Separate instructions are provided for utilizing the Special Journals. Click on the desired format to download a copy of the applicable procedures. 

Because of their size, the PDF Format files are in Zip form.  You will need to extract them, using WinZip after downloading, to get them in a usable form.

WordPerfect Format

 General Journal Procedures

WordPerfect Format

 Special Journal Procedures

PDF Format 

 General Journal Procedures

PDF Format 

 Special Journal Procedures




Temporary Postings



General Ledger Software

You may download the General Ledger software files by clicking on each of the individual file icons below. You need both files to install the software.  I recommend that you put these two files in a separate folder titled "General Ledger".  Once you have the programs downloaded and in a folder, double-click only on the Setup file to install the General Ledger software.

                                                                 Setup                        ShelExec

This software was developed for the Windows XP Operating System.  Therefore, to make it function properly under Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8, follow the compatibility fix provided below.

If you want to put an icon on the desktop of your computer, perform the following.
     (1)  Click on the Start button and then select "All Programs".
     (2)  Find "Power Accounting System Software" on the drop-down menu.
     (3)  Right-click on "Accounting 21st Edition" in the sub-menu.
     (4)  Select "Create Shortcut" and a shortcut will be created in the sub-menu (which then closes).
     (5)  Go back to the "Power Accounting System Software" listing and you will see the shortcut 
            [i.e., Accounting 21st Edition (2)] in the sub-menu.  Drag the shortcut to your desktop.



Windows Vista OS Compatibility

The General Ledger software was developed for the Microsoft XP operating system.  All aspects of the software operates properly, with one exception.  There is a compatibility issue with the report printing function under the Windows Vista OS.   To get the software to successfully print, you will need to go through the additional following three steps in the software initiation process. 

1.  Before running the program, right click the program icon and go to Properties>Compatibility> and then check
     the Compatibility Box for Windows XP ( Service Pack 2) or Windows XP (Service Pack 3), as appropriate.

2.  At the bottom of the Compatibility Menu you will also find a Privilege Level area.  Make sure you check the
     box titled "Run this program as an administrator."   Running as Administrator is a key element.

3.  Click the "Apply" button at the bottom of the menu and then "OK" your way out.

     By following these three steps, it will allow you to use all aspects of the general ledger software.  



Windows 7 or 8 OS Compatibility

If you have the Window 7 or 8 OS on your computer and you are having problems running the General Ledger software, I would suggest you try one of the following options to resolve the compatibility issue.

Procedure 1:  Follow the procedures listed above for the Vista compatibility issue.  If this does not correct the
                           problem, go to Procedure 2.

Procedure 2:  

1.  After installing the software, but before running the program, right-click on the program icon and then click
     "Troubleshoot compatibility".

2.  Windows will try to detect compatibility issues. If it finds any, Windows will give you two options:

     a. Option 1: "Try recommended settings"

     b. Option 2: "Troubleshoot program"

3.  It is suggested that you choose Option 1 first.   If that does not work, you can always go back and try Option 2,
     which gives you the opportunity to specify the previous version of Windows that you want to achieve
     compatibility with [i.e., Windows XP (Service Pack 2 or 3)].

4.  After Windows applies the settings that you have selected, click "Start Program" and see whether the change
     has solved the compatibility issue.

5.  Click "Next" to have Windows apply the settings permanently, or try again with different settings.

Homework Report Printing

When printing reports for the computer general ledger homework problems, always print a General Journal, since we will use that journal to check solutions in class.  The browser instructions do not always tell you to print this journal.






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