Managerial Accounting




    The Managerial Accounting  (ACCT 2302) course is a continuation of the Financial Accounting course.  The major topics covered are concepts of management accounting, product costing systems, budgeting, cost-volume-profit analysis, performance evaluation, and decision analyses for planning and controlling operations.

    The course covers Chapters 14 through 24 in the text titled "Financial & Managerial Accounting,"  McGraw-Hill Education, 9th Ed, by John Wilde / Ken Shaw, 2022.

    This page provides quick access to some of the major support materials for the course.  Listed below is a short description of the available items.

     All class sessions will be conducted remotely via the Zoom System.


The links below will take you the subjects described .  Click on the appropriate yellow navigation button to proceed to the desired item.


All class lectures will be conducted using PowerPoint slides.  You may download any or all of these chapter lecture slides for use in class or at home.




This webpage provides an abbreviated version of the official Syllabus for the course.  You also have the option of printing all, or selected portions, of the syllabus using the PDF option.





This webpage provides the current status of the Managerial Accounting Class.  This page lists the assignments for subsequent class sessions, articles for assistance, and provides information on upcoming events that students should be aware of prior to attending class.





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