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ACCT 2302 Syllabus Basics

A.  CATALOG DESCRIPTION. This course is an introduction to the fundamental concepts of managerial 
      accounting appropriate for all organizations. Students will study information from the entity's accounting 
      system relevant to decisions made by internal managers, as distinguished from information relevant to users
      who are external to the company. The emphasis is on the identification and assignment of product costs,
      operational budgeting and planning, cost control, and management decision making. Topics include product
      costing methodologies, cost behavior, operational and capital budgeting, and performance evaluation.

B.  PREREQUISITES:  Financial Accounting, ACCT 2301


      John Wild / Ken Shaw,  2022
      Financial & Managerial Accounting, 9e, McGraw-Hill Education
      (ISBN-13: 978-1-264-09867-5)

    The e-book and homework access have been included as Instructional Materials (IM) for this course, with an
      Instructional Materials Charge. No additional text materials are required.

      Computer access for homework, on-line exams, and class meetings via Zoom.
      Basic Calculator



Class Periods





ACCT 2302-008

Tuesday 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM Remote Via Zoom



Assignments for Managerial Accounting  (ACCT 2302)


Tentative Schedule

                 Fall 2023 Semester 



Chapter Topic Chapter


  Aug.  29   Course Introduction ---            ------              
  Sep.    5   Managerial Accounting Concepts and Principles


             12   Job Order Costing and Analysis 15


             19   Process Costing and Analysis 16 16-4A
             26   Activity-Based Costing and Analysis
  Review for Exam #1 (Chapters 14-16)
17 17-3A
   Oct.    3   Cost Behavior and Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis
  Exam #1 (Chapters 14-16)
18 18-6A
             10   Variable Costing and Analysis 19


             17   Master Budgets and Performance Planning  
  Review for Exam #2 (Chapters 17-19)  


             24   Flexible Budgets & Standard Costs
  Exam #2 (Chapters 17-19)


             31   Performance Measurement & Responsibility Accounting   22  QS 22-12, QS 22-13
  Nov.    7   Relevant Costing for Management  Decisions
  Review for Exam #3 (Chapters 20-22)

23-1A, 23-3A

             14   Capital Budgeting and Investment Analysis
  Exam #3 (Chapters 20-22)


             21  Review for Exam #4 (Chapters 23-24) ---                               ------
             28   Exam #4 (Chapters 23-24) ---                               ------
  Dec.    5   Comprehensive Final Review ---



  Final Exam (Chapters 14-24)    (See schedule below)










Current Semester No-Class Days

 Labor Day Holiday  September 4, 2023
 Thanksgiving   November 23-26, 2023

Special Instructions for Assignments


Connect System Assigned Problems

bulletMcGraw-Hillís Connect Homework System is used for this course.

          a.  It is a web-based assignment and assessment solution that can be used to 
               accomplish your homework assignments.

          b.  Registration:  All accounting classes are a part of the Instructional Materials (IM)
                Program.  When students enroll in this course, part of the course tuition will
                include a fee for the Connect System.  Also included will be access to an e-textbook.

          c.  A separate handout will be provided, with registration information and procedures.

          d.  If you have any technical issues when registering or using the on-line homework
                system, contact the McGraw-Hill technical team at the following website :


          e.  Immediate feedback and grading is provided, by the Connect System, as
               you work the assigned problems.

bullet If you have trouble registering or other Connect System issues, you can also call McGraw-Hill at 1-800-331-5094 for assistance.



Other Assignment Information

  A.   When more than one problem is assigned for a chapter, the grades for all of that chapter's assignments
           will be averaged into a single grade.

   B.  You will retain actual homework papers to check against solutions presented in class.

   C.  Comprehensive Problem.  A comprehensive problem will be provided and is optional work that can be completed
         for extra credit.  Extra credit earned can be up to 5%, added to your total course basic grade, based
         on the quality of the work accomplished.  
The tentative due date for this problem is November 21, 2023.
   D.  Chapter Exams.  

        1.  Four chapter exams will be conducted, as scheduled, in the course syllabus.

        2.  An exam review will be provided and discussed the class session prior to each actual exam date.

        3.  Please advise in advance (when possible) if you will miss an exam, so that arrangements can be made for a
             make-up exam.  All make-up exams, not otherwise scheduled, will be given the last week before the course 
             final exam date.

   E.  Final Exam.  The Final Exam is comprehensive, will consist of both objective and problem-type questions,
         and will be given at the end of the semester. Everyone must take the final exam.

   F.  All exams will normally be scheduled and completed through the College Canvas System.



Final Exam Schedule

   Section            Date                    Time
       008        Dec. 12, 2023       Due at 11:00 PM

Course Grading Structure

   (1)  Assigned Problems........................ 11%

   (2)  Chapter Exams...............................  64%
   (3)  Final Exam.......................................  20%

Attendance/Participation..............    5%
                    Total........................................ 100%

   Extra Credit:
      Comprehensive Problem................     5%
      Course Survey...................................     2%


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