This webpage will serve as a media for posting the current status of the Managerial Accounting Class  (ACCT 2302) assignments and upcoming events.  You will find things like specific items to be covered in the next class session, reminders of items due for submission in class, special instructions for homework problems, exam dates, etc.  

Managerial Accounting (ACCT 2302)
Fall 2021 Semester

Current Class Assignments


                 October 26

       1......Lecture Chapter 22
       2......Work Chapter 22 Exercises



Homework Assignments



Your homework problems count 11% toward your final grade.  Failing to accomplish the homework assignments can affect your final grade by as much as a grade level.

It is always best to at least attempt the homework problems.  It is my observation that you always gain knowledge, regardless of whether or not you get everything right.  Any number of points received is better than a zero.

Reminder:  Any missing or late homework assignments must be turned in by Exam date that relates to those chapters.




Connect System Homework Submissions


Assigned homework problems will usually be accomplished on-line by personal computer, or in one of the on-campus labs.

If you do not complete the assignments using the on-line system, you may complete the assigned textbook  problems manually, using either the provided generic forms or ones that you create.



Generic Working Papers


Generic working papers have been provided in the Course Resources webpage under  Course Handouts You have a choice of two different formats that can be downloaded.  You will find the form downloads listed, on the Course Handouts webpage, immediately after the Course Materials section.  These generic forms should be adequate for completing most of the assigned homework problems.  As a result, you may find that it is not necessary to purchase the optional Working Papers workbook that accompanies the textbook .





The following section of this webpage will be devoted to temporary postings of such things as special instructions for homework problems, notices concerning specific assignments, downloads of problems, and other issues.  These postings will usually be deleted after one week.




Problem / Document Downloads

The following assigned problems are available for downloading when there are green "Xs" displayed under a specific format.  Click on the green "Xs", under the desired format, to begin the download.



Problem / Document


MS Word


19  Comprehensive Problem #3 XXXXXX XXXXXX XXXXXX


In-Class Exercises 

Textbook exercises, used for each chapter, will be posted for downloading after they are worked in class.  This will provide additional information to assist in completing your homework assignments.  Click on the highlighted "Chapter" to download a copy of the exercise PowerPoint slides.  When the Chapter is highlighted in
green, you can then download the selected file.

The files are compressed in a ZIP format.  To unzip the files, you will need the WinZip or similar program.  The WinZip program can be downloaded below.

To view the PowerPoint Slides you must have the PowerPoint Program or the PowerPoint Viewer.  If you do not have the PowerPoint program, the Viewer can be downloaded below.   With the Viewer, you can also print any of the slides in each of the files.

Click on the below link to download the PowerPoint Viewer

PowerPoint Viewer


Click on the below link to download WinZip



Chapter 14 Chapter 18 Chapter 22
Chapter 15 Chapter 19 Chapter 23
Chapter 16 Chapter 20 Chapter 24
Chapter 17 Chapter 21  



Temporary Postings


Chapter 21 Homework Problem 21-4A

This problem does not use a minus sign ("-") or parentheses "(   )" for negative amounts for the input data entries.  When computing the variances in the General Model, go left to right, as we did in the PowerPoint lectures.  Subtract the right amount from the left amount and you will end up with the correct sign on the result (positive amount = "Unfavorable", negative amount = "Favorable")


Chapter 21 Homework Problem 21-4A

For Parts 1 and 2 of the homework problem, use the General Model format (the textbook does not use the formula format for the assignment).

Since we did not spend a lot of time on the overhead variances in the chapter, I am providing the answers to Part 3 - Overhead Variances for your homework assignment.

    Controllable Variance:
       Actual overhead ($2,350,000  +  $2,200,000)......$ 4,550,000
       Budgeted overhead (at 90% capacity)................   4,560,000
       Controllable variance..........................................$       10,000 (F)

    Fixed Overhead Volume Variance:
       Budgeted total overhead (at 90% capacity)....................$  4,560,000
       Standard overhead applied (270,000 hrs @ $18)...........    4,860,000 
       Fixed overhead volume variance................................... $     300,000   (F)

Note:  I left the parentheses "(    )" off  the negative amounts since the Connect System answers do not use them.



Chapter 19 Homework "B" Series Problem

Anyone that did not complete the assigned "A" series homework, for Chapter 19, may work Problem 19-2B and turn it in by exam date for Chapter 19.  Reminder.....the "B" series of homework problems are not in the Connect  System, therefore you have to complete the problem manually.  You will find the problem at the end of the chapter in the e-textbook.



                                                                                  Comprehensive Problem No. 3

Since we have completed the required textbook chapters, you are in a position to start work on this comprehensive problem.
This is an optional extra credit problem.

Additional Notes for Completion of the Problem:

Part 1:

1. This problem is to be accomplished manually using the forms you create, or the generic forms you download from the "Course

2.  After completing this part, submit your General Journal (for transactions" a." through " l.") and June 30, 2020 Trial Balance.

Part 2:

1.  Submit your formulas and calculations for each of the requirements (items 1 through 5).

Anyone desiring to complete this problem can obtain a copy of the problem transactions and instructions, by clicking on the desired format in the "Problem / Documents Downloads" section above.

Since we are not in class on campus, email me  a copy of your work documents you prepared in Parts 1 & 2 of the problem.  I will use those to grade and post to your records in Canvas.


Access to the Course eBook

For those individuals that may have difficulty accessing the eBook and finding the "B" Problems for homework make-ups,  I am providing a PowerPoint on the eBook access process.  Click on the icon to download the PowerPoint presentation.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 icon






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