Listed below are the PowerPoint slides that will be used in the class lectures. To view the PowerPoint Slides you must have the PowerPoint Program or the PowerPoint Viewer.  The viewer can be downloaded below. 

The files are compressed in a ZIP format.  To unzip the files, you will need the WinZip or similar program.  The WinZip program can be downloaded below.

To download a specific PowerPoint file for a given chapter, click on the chapter number.  The PowerPoint files, that are currently available for downloading, are highlighted in green.



Chapter 1   Accounting in Business
Chapter 2   Accounting for Business Transactions
Chapter 3   Adjusting Accounts for Financial Statements
Chapter 4   Accounting for Merchandising Operations
Chapter 5   Inventory and Cost of Sales
Chapter 6   Cash, Fraud, and Internal Controls
Chapter 7   Accounting for Receivables
Chapter 8   Accounting for Long-Term Assets
Chapter 10   Accounting for Long-Term Liabilities
Chapter 11   Corporate Reporting and Analysis
Chapter 12   Reporting Cash Flows
Chapter 13   Analysis of Financial Statements


You might find it more convenient to download and/or print the PowerPoint slides and use them in class rather than take a large amount of notes.  Most printers have an option to print up to six or eight slides on a single page (in either color or black & white).  That still leaves sufficient room to add any desired additional notes on each page during the class lecture.  I have found that a majority of students exercise this option.

The downloaded slides will not include all the slides used during the chapter lectures.  I have consolidated some of the download files to save you paper and ink, if you choose to print them.  None of the lecture content has been eliminated.



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PowerPoint Viewer


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